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The western world often thinks of Arab women as being oppressed, all too often failing to recognise their talent and success stories, not only in the Middle East but also around the world. One such success story is that of a celebrated Kuwaiti designer, Noor bin Eidan. When entries were invited for the renowned International Property Awards, a competition seeking the world’s most outstanding property professionals, Noor’s company Done Interior was among those included. 

The pearl chair

Noor’s designs are exquisite and elegant, with many furniture items made of pearls and mother of pearl.
Pearls are part of her family history. Way back in the history of Kuwait, long before oil exploration began, the pearl trade played a key role in the economic activity of the Arab world. Noor’s forefather ‘Bin Eidan’ was the owner and captain of the ship that found oysters and trade pearls and handicrafts made from pearls. Today, the story of Bin Eidan and his voyages still remain recorded in the history of Kuwait and have the highest integrity and honour.

Pearls are a rare and high valued commodity. In the Arab world, they are considered as white oil, just as the western world considers oil as black gold, and all the elite class women wear them with pride.

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