About Us

Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to provide best & innovative designs. & Our mission is very clear – To become the clients’ first choice

Our unique design philosophy is that Done does not limit itself to one approach of design. Each project has its own style. We build a comfy relationship with our clients so we can dig into their imagination and with our innovative touches and ideas we shaping our designs to meet those desires.


Who we are?

Done interior is well known for combining innovative pieces and creative imagination that are simply raising the bar on the industry standards.

Done gives you hope. We offer more than just a beauty; we ensure that your environment makes you happy, safe and productive. Fairly, the way Done enhance your spaces can define who you are to the world, either as individuals, businesses, or governments.


Our people

We work with passion, We enjoy what we do. We work with empathy. We believe that our  firm is a unique and loving place to work in. Our clients are our family. We design, we shop, we travel, we eat, and we enjoy our project as it’s ours. We believe that we are “better together.” We collaborate and we win when we work together.



Our Values

Long Term Relationship

This core value is our client-focused value. It describes our objective to create and maintain on going business relationships with our client Done


For Done Cleanliness is more than a policy. It’s how we do business and how we live.

Done invite you to experience our culture of hygienist, a culture in which Cleanness is top priorities and responsibilities. – Done’s clean friendly culture extends outside the office wall to the project sites.

We guarantee to our clients a clean place after we are done with our journey.

Social Responsibilities

One of our core values is the deep dedication to social responsibility. In Done, we care about our community, We are committed to enhancing the quality of life of people in need.

Done initiated (we altogether) campaign as a part of our social responsibility duties.

This is a project to renovate people in need houses. This campaign started on the 9th of May 2016 and is still going.